How do I buy an in-house license?

An in-house license allows you to install Vertabelo on your own server while providing the same features as a company account in the SaaS model, such as:

  • ability to manage users/teams
  • additional functions related to collaborating on the same models
  • the same features of an individual Premium account (unlimited number of tables/models)
  • model sharing
  • ability to work on a model at the same time

You may buy an in-house license from an individual account only.

To buy an in-house license, select In-house licenses from Modules menu in Vertabelo.

In-house license menu

Click Buy license and specify the number of users.

Buy in-house license

Enter your billing data (the data you enter will appear on your invoice).

Billing data

A license key appears. You can download Vertabelo.

Set up your company name

Start the download and copy the license key into the appropiate field. The following installation guide will help you install Vertabelo successfully.

Installation guide

Patrycja Dybka July 14, 2014

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