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Vertabelo Team 5th Dec 2017

Research shows that cars remain parked for 95% of their lifetime, suggesting that parking lot management systems should be smart, efficient, and robust. In this article, we’ll construct a data model for such a system.

Emil Drkušić 22nd Nov 2017

Weddings are often accompanied by merriment and celebration, with numerous guests, food, drinks, music, and dancing. But all of this can’t happen without the proper preparation and coordination. Let’s take a closer look at how data modeling can help us better organize a wedding so everything runs smoothly.

Emil Drkušić 11th Oct 2017

Pet care is a huge industry. Is there a data model that can help pet owners and professionals manage their activities? There is now!

Vertabelo Team 27th Sep 2017

Most of us are familiar with the apartment rental process. But what does it take to run a leasing office? In this article, we look at a data model designed to do just that.

Marian Dziubiak 13th Sep 2017

Team sports are very popular, especially among kids and teens. In this article, we look at a data model that can help run a sports school.

Emil Drkušić 9th Aug 2017

In the first two parts of this series we have installed SuiteCRM locally, imported its model into the Vertabelo database, and created relationships based on assumptions. In Part 3 we took a closer look at the most important parts of the CRM, how to use them, and how the data is stored in the database. This article will continue where Part 3 ended and will close the series. We’ll take a closer look to other modules of SuiteCRM including campaigns, opportunities, projects, documents and users, and roles administration.

Emil Drkušić 4th Aug 2017

Visiting a hospital or a clinic is never a pleasant situation. But it would be even worse if nothing was automated. Not so long time ago almost all documents were in a paper form. That not only polluted the environment but slowed down a process a lot. In some cases, patients should take care of their medical record as well wait in the hall that somebody calls for their name. Fortunately for us, the development of the technology also had a significant impact in this area. Today we’ll take a look at the data model we could use to run one such system.

Emil Drkušić 27th Jul 2017

City-building and management games have been very popular for decades. If you were to build your own city management game, what kind of data model would you need to run it? Let’s find out.

Emil Drkušić 18th Jan 2017

What kind of data model can handle all the planning and activities used in process management? In this article, we discuss one design for a process management database.

Emil Drkušić 28th Dec 2016

What kind of database model does it take to run a gallery or museum? How can it be optimized to manage events, partnerships, and other activities?