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Jeffrey Edison 12th May 2015

In this final article in a four-part series, I complete the design for an online survey database to provide flexibility for multiple surveys, question re-use, multiple choice answers, ordering of questions, conditional jumps in the survey based on responses, and control over the users’ access to surveys via groups of survey owners.

Jeffrey Edison 1st Apr 2015

In the conclusion to Part 2 of this series of articles, I mentioned that I would be adding more advanced features, such as conditional ordering of questions in a survey, administration of the survey, reports and analytics. In this third article related to an online survey, I will extend the functionality to support conditional ordering of questions.

Jeffrey Edison 20th Mar 2015

In part 1 of this article series, we discussed a basic design for an online survey. In the conclusion to that article, I mentioned part 2 would cover more advanced features for our survey. Let’s start by extending the functionality to support different types of questions.

Jeffrey Edison 5th Mar 2015

Survey formI need to create the design for a new database which will be the data layer for an application; the application will be an online survey or polling like Survey Monkey. My challenge is that the functionality that I require is not supported by existing survey sites, so I need to build my own. What I need is a conditional survey, for example, if the answer to question 4 is “yes,” then we ask question 5 and skip question 6; but if the answer to question 4 is “no,” then (...)