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Vertabelo Team

Posted: April 12, 2016

We’re introducing better ways to collaborate, including easier database connections, an improved dashboard, and Vertabelo Talks, a new tool that lets you chat with coworkers (and your database) without leaving your browser window.

Vertabelo’s online database design tool lets you create and share your database models easily, wherever you are. Users love that they can reach virtually every feature of our product with just a few clicks.

We want to make working with databases even better: faster, more intuitive, more collaborative. We’re happy to announce that we’re expanding the scope of our product. Users can now connect to their database via Vertabelo and use our new chat app to seamlessly deliver new ideas, perform SQL statements, and share results.

Now, you can do even more with Vertabelo. Here are the changes we’re rolling out:

Vertabelo Talks: Chatting with Coworkers and Your Database, Too

Vertabelo Talks works just like online chat, but with one major advantage: it runs within Vertabelo. You can use Vertabelo Talks to communicate with your collaborators about your database. Even cooler, you can talk to your database by running SQL queries against it without leaving the chat window; the results are visible to all chat members. You can also save conversations for later reference.

Vertabelo Talks

You can use Vertabelo Talks to store notes on your project, show data to your collaborators, quickly introduce a new team member to projects, and much more. Here is a short list of Vertabelo Talks’ features:

  • 3 Ways to Talk

    Use text messages to communicate with other team members (or leave notes for yourself). You can also run SQL statements and see the results of your queries in visually attractive tables. Or use special commands to connect to a certain database, list its tables etc. You can easily switch between modes by typing “>” for the SQL mode and “/” for the command mode.

    Vertabelo Talks modes

  • Query and Command Help

    Vertabelo Talks knows the structure of your database and will help you write your commands quicker. Just type the name of a given table

    Vertabelo Talks autocomplete

  • Star Important Messages

    Any message in a conversation can be marked as important, either just to you or to everyone. In this way, you can highlight the most interesting parts of your conversation and quickly find them later.

    Vertabelo Talks star message

    Vertabelo Talks star message

A Brand New Dashboard

When you logged into your account, the Vertabelo dashboard would previously display a list of your models. With our new features, you can also set up database connections (more about that in a moment) and have chat-style conversations in Vertabelo Talks from your dashboard. These objects can also be shared with other people and organized in folders for convenient access.

Database Connections

In the new version of Vertabelo, you can access databases via your web browser. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Direct connection

    If your database is accessible directly through the Internet, you can submit the connection details through Vertabelo. You will have a chance to test your connection before actually using (or sharing) it.

    Database connection setup

  • Connection via Vertabelo Client

    If you can’t connect directly to your database, don’t worry. Vertabelo Client will create the necessary connection, using a workstation that has direct access to your database. Available on Windows, MacOS or Linux, Vertabelo Client acts as a proxy between Vertabelo and the database in your local network, as the graphic below shows:

    Vertabelo client architecture

    First, download the Vertabelo Client application.

    Once Vertabelo Client is on your station, start the program.

    Vertabelo client

    The program will open your browser window. Log into Vertabelo, and you’re ready to go.

    Now, you will be able to connect to your database in Vertabelo Talks.

    Vertabelo client login

These are just some of the features that are waiting for you in the new Vertabelo. Log into your account and check out what we’ve been doing.


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