Sharing Connections

Once you create a connection in Vertabelo Talks, you can share it with other team members who have access to Vertabelo. All you need to do is find the connection in Vertabelo Documents, right-click it, and select Share:

Sharing connections

The context menu contains the following sections:

Sharing Connections – context menu

Invitation field – To share your connection, enter email address(es) in this box. You can also set access types for each person:

  • Is owner – This person has full privileges: they can edit the connection name and data, or delete the connection.
  • Can edit – Team members with this level of access can edit (but not delete) the connection name and change the connection data.
  • Can view – Members can only view the connection, i.e. use it to connect to a database. They can’t modify it.

For connections established with Vertabelo Client, only the owner of the client instance can edit connection details.

Link to document – Copy and send a link to anyone; this gives them direct access to your database and its public messages.

List of collaborators – See who has access to your connection and their access type.