Using Connections in Vertabelo Talks

Once you have established a working connection, you can connect to your database in Vertabelo Talks. To get started, create a new conversation or open an existing one. When Vertabelo Talks is ready, you can check all the possible connections by entering into command mode (hitting the / key) and typing list connections:

Using connections in Vertabelo Talks – connections list

Vertabelo Talks will list all the connections along with database types. A green dot signifies your current (active) database. Red dots indicate inactive database connections.

If you want to connect to another listed database, enter the command mode and type connect to followed by the connection name. Vertabelo Talks will begin the connection process and let you know once it is ready.

Using connections in Vertabelo Talks – connecting to database

Once you have connected to your database, you can switch to SQL mode and ‘talk’ directly to it. Vertabelo Talks will help you type SQL keywords and table or column names via hint boxes.

Once you’re done working with your database, you can close the connection by typing disconnect followed by the connection name.