Channel Information

By default, the channel information bar on the right is hidden; only four icons are visible. These icons represent the four sections of the bar: channel details, starred messages, pinned messages, and channel members. If you click on any of these icons, the bar will be displayed and you will be able to view or edit the information.

Channel information bar

Channel Bar Sections:

Channel Details

In this section, you can view and edit the following information:

  • Purpose – Explains why the channel has been created and what its main goal is.
  • Current topic – Identifies the issue you are currently discussing.

Information about the channel creator and its creation time are displayed at the bottom of the Channel details section.


Here, you can view all the messages that have been starred (i.e., all messages you have decided are important). To ‘star’ a message, click the star icon to the right of the message in the channel chat area. Only the messages you personally have starred will be shown here.

The messages in the starred section are abbreviated. If you want to see the entire message, click the Go button at the top. The chat history will scroll to the original message.


This section shows every message marked as ‘pinned’ in the discussion. Pinned messages are similar to starred messages, but they are shown to all chat members. A message is pinned when a user clicks on the little flag icon; messages can also be unpinned. All members will see a notification stating that the author has pinned (or unpinned) a particular message.

As in the case of starred messages, the messages in the pinned section are shortened. If you want to see the entire message, click on the Go button and the chat history will show the original message.


This section lists everyone who takes part in the conversation. The small ‘person’ icon to the right indicates whether a particular member is currently online (green icon) or offline (empty white icon).