Input Field

The input field has three modes: text, command, and SQL query. There are two ways to switch modes: either click on the arrow on the left and choose a mode from the drop-down list, as shown here:

Input field - drop down list

Or use keyboard shortcuts: press / for command mode or > for the query mode. To go back into text mode, simply hit the backspace key.

Text mode (default)

Input field - text mode

This is the default mode; at any time, you can return to this mode by pressing the backspace key. The text mode is used to send messages to all conversation participants. These messages are shown in the chat history exactly as they have been typed. Vertabelo Talks does not process them in any way.

Command mode

Input field - command mode

To switch into the command mode, hit the / key or choose Command from the drop-down list. This mode allows you to use special pre-defined Vertabelo commands, such as help or list connections. Command hints will appear once you start typing.

Input field - command hints

Query mode

Input field - query mode

To enter query mode, press > or select it from the drop-down list. Use this mode to write SQL queries, which will then be performed on the current database. Query mode also provides hints once you start typing.