Author: Jarosław Błąd

CEO at Vertabelo

Bugs Should Be Fixed Before Being Found

There are many signs that our civilization is on an exponential growth path and, based on my own observations, there are signs of this growth in the area of software engineering. A few days ago yet another Vertabelo user expected an immediate production update for a small bug fix. It led me to think about how often software was released due to bug fixing from the historical point of view. I started in the 80s when personal computers became very popular and, as consequence, a software market for customers was born.

JDD 2013 – What we found out about databases?

A week ago we were in Kraków at Java Developers Days , one of the biggest annual Java conferences in Poland. For the first time we showed Vertabelo live to a wider audience.It was a pleasure to meet all the Java developers and talk about their projects, technologies and tools they use. We had a strong team at the conference and it allowed us to talk anyone interested - more than one hundred talks. See some of us in action on the photo below.

Five reasons why we built Vertabelo

We are launching a new product on a market, so let me tell you the short story about how and why Vertabelo was born. e-point and I personally have more than fifteen years of experience in building business applications. All of them use relational databases as a storage for their data. Most of those applications are rather big - think abouthundreds of tablesin a database and hundreds of screens in a UI. We had to design databases in