Author: Jorge Sandoval

Jorge Sandoval is a professor at the Florianópolis Institute of Higher Education (IESGF) in Brazil, where he teaches and researches data science, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and energy and time series forecasting. He also serves as a consultant specializing in data science, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning for state government sectors like law enforcement and healthcare.

What Is a DDL Script? How Do You Use It?

What is a DDL script and why is it so crucial for systems that use relational databases? DDL scripts are widely used in creating, documenting, and migrating systems that use relational databases. They can be designed for simple tasks, such as migrating a database from one server to another, or for more complex tasks. DDL scripts are read sequentially and are written in SQL with commands specific for defining data structures (CREATE, ALTER, and DROP).

A Complete Guide to Database Diagram Symbols

A complete guide to the symbols shown in entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs). Although data modeling became a necessity around the 1970s, there was no standard way to model databases or business processes. Many solutions were proposed and discussed, but none were widely adopted. Peter Chen is credited with creating the ER (entity-relationship) model, which introduced a way of mapping data model elements (which would become database elements) and their relationships. This model can serve as the diagram as well as the documentation for a database project.

The Ten Best Database Diagram Tools for SQL Server

Understand the best SQL Server modeling tools for your needs based on differences in features and the value for the money. In this article, we discuss ten database diagram tools for SQL Server. Creating robust database models is critical in ensuring the database meets the needs. Microsoft SQL Server, or SQL Server, is one of the most used proprietary relational databases. It supports various applications, business intelligence, and analytics in corporate IT environments.

What Is the Best Design for an Address Database Model?

Find out how to build an address data model for different business needs. Address modeling in a database can be tricky: what's the best way to split the data (street, city, state, etc.)? Is normalization more critical than performance? What ERD and data modeling tools do I use?  When should I use domain acronyms and values ? Will the address structure meet all the business needs? Are these decisions the best for the project?

Using Text Notes in Data Modeling

Including notes in your data model improves communication, clarity, and ultimately productivity. We look at several ways to use notes in the Vertabelo data modeler.   In data modeling, it’s often vital to document essential parts by leaving messages for team members or creating a list of tasks that need to be done in a particular part of the model. To achieve this goal, Vertabelo provides the Notes feature. This feature allows you to place small annotations in the model without affecting its structure.

How to Automatically Generate Primary Key Values Using Vertabelo’s Auto-Generation Features

Learn how to set up automatically-generating primary key values in SQL, and then see how to use Vertabelo to apply auto-generation to popular database management systems. The primary key is a fundamental concept in relational databases. This article will discuss several ways to make an auto-generating primary key in SQL. We’ll also cover how to implement auto-generation in the Vertabelo data modeler. Understanding Primary Keys In relational databases,  a primary key constraint specifies that the value stored in that column must be unique across all records in the table.

What's the Best ER Diagram Tool for Windows?

Our picks for the top 10 Windows database modeling and ER diagramming tools. The Windows operating system is one of the world’s most popular. So what are the ten best ERD tools for Windows, and why do we need them? With the diversification of operating systems, very few data modeling software are exclusive to Windows; many are implemented in the (cross-platform) Java programming language or as online tools. But as many people use Windows, it’s good to know which tools work well in a Windows environment.

What Is a Data Warehouse?

We help you understand the data warehouse and its concepts. Data and analytics have become indispensable for businesses to remain competitive. Business users rely on reports, dashboards, and analytics to extract insights from data, monitor business performance, and support decision-making. Data warehouses are used to feed these reports, dashboards, and analysis tools. It does so by efficiently storing data to minimize input and output (I/O) and deliver query results quickly to hundreds and thousands of users simultaneously.

The Best ER Diagram Tools in 2021

The top 10 tools you can use to build your entity-relationship models in 2021! There are several relational modeling tools. A simple Google search yields dozens of options for all kinds of purposes. But the question remains: what is the best tool for professional use or in teams? Which tool will give me access to all the features I need without having to switch between multiple tools? There are some resources to help you answer this question like this article, but we can look at more.

Top 15 Database Modeling Tips for 2021

Here are 15 simple tips that will guarantee the quality of your database model! Prior to the emergence of NoSQL databases, data modeling had followed a standard norm. However, with the hybridization of storage models and especially with the integration among them, it has become necessary to consider NoSQL databases in systems that use relational databases. This article covers 15 tips for modeling databases in 2021 (the database modeling tool used in this article is Vertabelo).