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Shamal is a senior software consultant and educator with 20+ years of experience. He has an MBA from London Metropolitan University and a graduate diploma in IT from the British Computer Society. He also holds professional certification from the Australian Computer Society. Shamal hails from Sri Lanka and loves listening to English, Spanish, and Sinhalese songs.

What ERD Tools Can I Use to Create an ER Diagram?

As a database professional, the ER diagram should be an essential part of your toolkit. In this article, we’ll briefly examine data modeling and which ERD tools best meet database design requirements. What is data modeling, and how does an entity-relationship diagram (ER diagram or ERD) support it? 'Data modeling' is the process of arranging all the related data in an information system graphically, starting from scratch and going step by step through different phases to develop the physical database.

The Best ER Diagram Tool for Mac Users

Are you a data modeler who uses Mac OS? Read on and find out the best ERD tool for Mac. Data modeling is an essential part of your database development project. Choosing the best ER diagram tool for your project is critical. If you proceed without a proper data model, your database project may fail. You may want to read more about why you need data modeling. There are hundreds of tools available as online ER diagram tools, desktop ERD tools, or both.

Best Database Tools for 2022

Another successful year is coming to an end. Time to get prepared for 2022! You should equip yourself with the best database tools so that you can outshine your competitors and delight your clients in the coming year. Read on and let’s get ready to take on the challenges in 2022. Building and maintaining a database is not a simple process; it requires the right database tools. Different activities are included, such as modeling data, developing and managing physical databases, querying, programming, testing, performing administration functions, and making modifications, among others.

Online or Desktop Er Diagram Tool

Online or desktop ERD tool – are you puzzled about which one to choose? Read on to understand which one is best suited for your organization. ER diagrams (ERDs, or entity relationship diagrams) are crucial in database projects, so choosing the right ERD tool is vital. Building a database system without an ER diagram is like building a skyscraper without a foundation. ER diagram tools are some of the most important among all the tools used in a database project.

What’s the Best ER Diagram Tool for PostgreSQL?

Data modeling for PostgreSQL is no longer a challenge. Read on and learn about the best tool for PostgreSQL ER diagrams. PostgreSQL, a.k.a. Postgres, is a free and open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). It has become popular for database development among major organizations such as Instagram, Skype, and Netflix. Since the ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) is an essential tool in data modeling, it’s worth the effort to find the perfect ERD tools that support Postgres.

What Are the Popular Database Management Systems?

What are the most popular DBMSs in the software industry, and why are they popular? Read on to upgrade your knowledge. As a software engineer or a student learning about databases, you may know and work with many database management systems (DBMSs) in your projects. There are hundreds of DBMSs in use in the modern database world, so it pays to know about the most popular DBMSs and their features, advantages, disadvantages, and their applications.

What Are the Roles in the Vertabelo Team Account? What Can Each Role Do?

Are you working on a team data modeling project? Find out about Vertabelo’s team account and how it can help you collaborate on a database model. Collaborating on database models, especially remotely, is challenging enough. Why pay for separate user accounts? In this article, we’ll explain Vertabelo’s new team account, its user roles, and its benefits. The Vertabelo team account makes collaboration on database models easier and more efficient. Let’s see why.

What’s the Best ER Diagram Tool for SQL Server?

Are you working on an SQL Server database project? Read this article to learn about the perfect SQL Server ER diagram tool. SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft Corporation. It allows database developers to build desktop and web-based database applications. In addition, many IT professionals (including Database Architects, Software Engineers, CTOs, etc.) and semi-professionals (including university students) use SQL Server modeling tools. So, let’s learn about the best SQL Server ERD tools and their features.

Top 7 Useful Online Database Tools

Let’s discuss some useful tools for designing and developing your database hassle free while saving you money and time. In the modern software world, database systems play an important role. Most businesses depend on various database systems. Database architects and software engineers design and develop various types of database systems to manage the business. Online database tools have become very well known among database specialists and software engineers for their advantages.

What's the Best MySQL ER Diagram Tool?

Still spending hours of manual work on MySQL data modeling? Discover the best MySQL modeling tools that save you time and money! The ER diagram (or entity-relationship diagram) has become an extremely popular data modeling concept among data architects, database administrators, and DB developers. And MySQL is one of the most popular database management systems (DBMS), especially for web applications. Thus, many ER diagram tools that support MySQL (aka MySQL ERD tools) have arrived in the market during the last decade.