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24 Database Modeling Tips for Vertabelo

Would you like to make your database modeling faster and more convenient? Of course you would! One way to achieve this is to learn your database modeling tool’s keyboard shortcuts. To check them when working in Vertabelo, press Ctrl + I. Our favourite Vertabelo shortcuts Down arrow in the Columns section Did you know that you can move between columns in your table using arrow keys?

Vertabelo Advent Calendar

From today until Christmas Eve, we’re going to publish some tips & tricks for Vertabelo. Check our blog every day for a new one! List of all available tips: How to move a column up or down Use keyboard shortcuts in Vertabelo! How to copy tables between models How to make a column unique How to quote table names in generated SQL script How to create a multicolumn primary key How to include comments in SQL script How to name a primary key How to create multiple references between two tables How to use a data type that isn’t listed in the data types panel Vertabelo reports that my data type is not supported.

24 Database Modeling Tips for Vertabelo

Have you ever changed your mind about the order of columns in your table? You probably have! Fortunately, changing the order of columns in Vertabelo is as easy as pie. Select the table that contains the column you want to move up or down. In Table properties on the right, you can see a list of the columns. On the left of each column’s name, there is a column selector:

Upcoming Changes in Vertabelo Team Account

We listened to your feedback and improved managing Vertabelo team accounts. No more confusing switching back and forth between personal and team accounts. And since Vertabelo is all about modeling, we couldn’t stop ourselves from using database models to explain the upcoming changes. In the next couple of days we will introduce major changes to the way we handle Vertabelo team accounts. After the changes are implemented, each user account will either be a personal account or be a member of a team account.

How to Color ERD Diagrams in Vertabelo

If you’ve ever had to design a database model with hundreds of tables, views and references, you know very well how difficult is to make such huge diagram readable and comprehensible. One of the possible solutions is to use some colors to distinguish different groups of tables or subject areas. See how Vertabelo allows you to do this quick and easy. To illustrate how you can color your entity relationship diagram to increase its readability, we will use a sample uncolored database model for a simple online store:

A Letter from Santa Claus

Recently, we received a letter from a very special Vertabelo user, Santa Claus, which we publish with his consent. Dear Vertabelo Team, Christmas time is a very busy period of time for me. Hundreds of letters arrive every day from all over the world. It’s very hard to keep track of all children, the toys they request, houses I should visit. Recently, I had an idea that a computer application could help me manage those numerous requests.

Database Design 101

In this video you will learn how to start creating your database model. You will find out why nouns are important and how you should handle them when creating a database model. If you want to learn more, read our beginner tutorial on how to create a database model. { width: 735px; height: 415px; border: 0px solid #CCC; margin: 0px; } @media all and (max-width: 767px) { iframe.

New Feature: Photo Reverse Engineering

We're happy to announce that Vertabelo has a new feature we've been working on for some time: Photo Reverse Engineering. This is the quickest way to transfer your hand-written design sketches into Vertabelo. Draw your model on a piece of paper, a whiteboard, or a blackbord, take a photo, upload it into Vertabelo and you're done: your model is in Vertabelo. How it works Draw your model on a board, or a piece of paper.

Win PGCon 2014 Tickets!

PGCon is an annual conference for users and developers of PostgreSQL. This year Vertabelo is one of the conference sponsors and we’re giving away conference tickets to three of our lucky users! When and where The conference takes place on 22-23 May (Thu-Fri) at the University of Ottawa (Canada). The tickets enable you to attend all talks on Thursday and Friday (so no tutorials). The giveaway is open to users worldwide, but you will have to provide your own transportation to and from the conference as well as your own accommodations in Ottawa.

Valentine's Day at Vertabelo

Ah, Valentine’s Day… A day to express our love with overpriced flowers and overly sentimental greeting cards. Well this year, we didn’t forget to share the love with our valued users. And unlike those super-sweet candy hearts, this Valentine’s Day gift has no empty calories! On this special day we have a special promo code for you. Use promo code: love1437 on this page from now until February 17th to get 35% off a Professional or Enterprise plan.