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33rd Degree Conference

We're back to our quite chill office after attending the 33rd Degree Conference. I was wondering why they call it the 33rd Degree Conference. In three days, I had a chance to experience all 33 degrees ... in Celsius. It was hot - very hot! Even Californian iPads hung up (ha ha).

This time, we brought along a smaller team: Ania, Jarek and me. All of us are heavily involved in Vertabelo, so I sometimes forgot that we also went to the conference to promote our company, e-point. And since we’re working on a new feature and were seriously pressed for time, we chose to fly to Kraków instead of getting a train.

The conference area was split up into different locations: Lectures were held in a main cinema building, food and sponsors where located in a huge outdoor tent. We prepared our kiosk under the big top and were ready to talk with attendees. Some people came in, but it was way too hot to talk and way too bright to demo software on the laptop. We decided to move to the main building the next day.

The move was good decision. In the first two hours, more people came to visit us than on the entire previous day. Some of them recognized our product and wanted to know more, which was very nice.

We held a lottery for visitors to win candy or a jigsaw puzzle. We had also a jigsaw puzzle assembly competition for sport oriented attendees. Three top athletes won the book  SQL Performance Explained by Markus Winand.

The 33rd Degree Conference consisted of 3 days of standing and talking with some nice guys. Some of them were really excited that Polish products are hitting the world market. Now that the conference is over, I'm going back to my main job. July is almost here and a company account feature has to be developed!

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