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A Letter from Santa Claus

Recently, we received a letter from a very special Vertabelo user, Santa Claus, which we publish with his consent.

Dear Vertabelo Team,

Christmas time is a very busy period of time for me. Hundreds of letters arrive every day from all over the world. It’s very hard to keep track of all children, the toys they request, houses I should visit.

Recently, I had an idea that a computer application could help me manage those numerous requests. One of my reindeers, Rudolph, created this database model.

I’m not quite sure if Rudolph designed this database correctly, because – as you know – it’s rather difficult to move the mouse and press buttons when you have hooves instead of hands. And now we’re very busy getting ready for Christmas and the reindeer has no time to design the database. Perhaps Vertabelo users could help me with the design?

Best regards,

Santa Claus

Can you help Santa Claus create his application? Clone the GitHub repository, upload the XML file into Vertabelo and edit the database model.

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