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Łukasz Woźniak 10th Jun 2015

Written in the frequently-asked-questions style, this book provides the best troubleshooting techniques for PostgreSQL database administrators. It covers all major aspects of managing a PostgreSQL database; from database installation through optimizing performance, to dealing with transaction locks or fixing replication, to handling hardware and software disasters. So if you’re getting an error message when working with Postgres, this book will help you.

Grzegorz Kaczor 26th May 2015

In this short, concise book, Kent Graziano, a guru data modeler, shares his view on ensuring the quality of data models using thorough, frequent reviews done by the whole team. His adamant eagerness to eliminate flaws as early as possible looks like a perfect way to model. But is it always applicable?

Konrad Zdanowski, PhD 31st Mar 2015

There are books that you plan to read. Then, there are books that you actually started reading and then stopped. Then, there are books you started reading and you hope to finish sometime. The last database book I did read was “Concise Guide to Databases” by Peter Lake and Paul Crowther.

Agnieszka Kozubek-Krycuń 16th Feb 2015

Database modeling booksI recently realized that our database modeling library could use a few more advanced titles. So I headed over to Amazon to see what they had on offer. Here are 5 of the best database modeling books I found.

Patrycja Dybka 21st Aug 2014

Everyone has solved crossword puzzles and has certainly had some problems finding an appropriate word. Thanks to SQL, it is ridiculously simple to quickly dispel your crossword doubts and give you the correct answers.

Michał Kołodziejski 28th Mar 2014

Some time ago, we participated in the PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2013. Some of the talks were really nice. One of them stuck in my head for quite a long time. It was Markus Winand’s lecture titled “Indexes: The neglected performance all-rounder.” Although I had had a solid background in databases, this 50 minutes long talk showed me that not everything concerning indexes was as clear to me as I had thought. This was the kind of lecture I like the most (...)