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Chrome’s Monopoly Is Broken! Vertabelo Now Supports Safari

Yes, I know that’s a tabloid-style headline but I couldn’t resist. The day has finally come. Now, you can create your database models in the Safari browser. I think it’s a good time to say a few words about why we restrict access to Vertabelo from most browsers and why we let Safari in.

Our lack of support for browsers other than Chrome has been one of the most commented topics since Vertabelo came online. There were emotional discussions on our support site and endless talks at conferences. The same questions were asked, the same answers were given. The same arguments, the same responses. That’s why I’ll start this article explaining our point of view.

It has always been our highest priority to give you the best possible user-experience. This applies to both UI and performance. We prefer not to do something at all rather than doing it bad. We don’t want Vertabelo to become an application that makes you a coffee with a user interface like a spaceship control panel. Just no. It’s the same in regards to the smoothness of work. We prefer to make the best DB modeler for only one browser than very poor piece of software supporting all the browsers in the world (well, why not support Lynx?).

Having that said, we do realize that you expect us to match your style of work. If you usually use Chrome, you’d like to use Vertabelo in Chrome. But if you’re a Mac OS X user, you’d probably want to use Safari. We know this.

So we took a look at the statistics. Now that we have more than 15.000 users in Vertabelo, statistics make sense. The results were a bit surprising – Mac OS X was the second most popular operating system among Vertabelo users. As of January, more than 21% of all users accessing Vertabelo were using Mac OS X. Why is that surprising? Well, we’re Linux-guys. Our development process takes place in *NIX environment. We were sure Linux would be the second. I think we must revise our perception of the world :)

When we saw these stats, it was an “aha” moment. This made us open the cover of our Mac Book Pro and begin a battle against all the performance issues found under Safari. Yes, Safari beats Chrome in some aspects of drawing on canvas, but sometimes it really chokes. Finally, after a few days of fighting for every millisecond, I think we managed to make it work smoothly.

Now, it’s time for Safari “beta support”. We await your opinions. If you find any problems with Vertabelo while working under Safari, please contact us. We want to make your work as comfortable as possible.

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