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Dorota Wdzięczna 5th Jul 2017

Vertabelo’s new SQL Script tool lets you write and save SQL scripts and run them against a connected database.

Vertabelo Team 23rd Sep 2016

The long-awaited generation of SQL migration scripts is now a part of Vertabelo! You can use these scripts to easily move from one database model version to another. Read this article to learn more.

Vertabelo Team 22nd Sep 2016

Vertabelo has a great new feature: a model documentation auto-generator. You can now create and export documentation for your current model with just a few clicks.

Adrian Więch 15th Apr 2016

The XML file format for Vertabelo has changed to version 2.3. Read this article to find out what is new.

Patrycja Dybka 24th Mar 2016

Various ERD notations follow different styles for entities, relationships, and attributes. Usually there isn’t much standardization between them, so notations bear little resemblance to each other. Among the plethora of ERD diagram notations, crow’s foot notation is definitely the most used. In this article, we’ll investigate its components within the Vertabelo database model.

Vertabelo Team 24th Dec 2015

Vertabelo offers you a feature to assign tags to particular versions of your model. It may be used, for example, to match the versions of your database model with the versions of your application.

Vertabelo Team 23rd Dec 2015

Sometimes, you want the reference between two tables to reference an alternate key and not the primary key. Here's how you can do it in Vertabelo.

Vertabelo Team 22nd Dec 2015

Vertabelo has a built-in mechanism of live validation that checks your model all the time and gives you hints on how to improve it. Every error, warning or tip is flagged by a dedicated icon that you cannot fail to notice.

Vertabelo Team 21st Dec 2015

Do you know the quickest way to find a single table even in the largest diagram you can imagine? The answer is to double click the table’s name in the navigation tree!

Vertabelo Team 20th Dec 2015

Sometimes you may want to export your database model to a PDF file, especially for documentation purposes. It often happens that your diagram is larger than the default page size set in Vertabelo. If that's the case, you should configure the printout options in the Format section.