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Patrycja Dybka 2nd Aug 2016

Logos are powerful. What better way to remind people of a product than an eye-catching, memorable symbol? With that in mind, today we’ll answer the question ‘Why did PostgreSQL choose an elephant for its logo?’

Michael Blaha 13th Apr 2016

I’ve been practicing agile database techniques for about twenty years now. My use of these techniques didn’t start as a set plan; rather, it evolved over time as I consulted on various projects. It made sense to look for ways of working faster and with greater customer interaction.

Jeffrey Edison 23rd Feb 2016

There’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re designing a database, and very few of us can remember every valuable tip and trick we’ve learned. So, let’s take a look at some online resources that feature database design tips and best practices. As we go, I’ll share my own opinions on the ideas presented, based on my experience in database design.

Jeffrey Edison 28th Jan 2016

We all make mistakes, and we can all learn from other people’s mistakes. In this post, we’ll take a look at numerous online resources for avoiding poor database design that can lead to many problems and cost both time and money. And in an upcoming article, we’ll tell you where to find tips and best practices.

Lukas Eder 19th Jan 2016

We’ve had tremendously positive feedback on my recent article that talked about the awesomeness of SQL. However, not everyone agreed to the Fallacy #5: The database is the wrong place for business logic. Why is this such a controversial topic? In what situations is the database the right place, and in what situations isn’t it the right place for such logic?

Leandro Toniut 26th Nov 2015

Once again, it’s time for a roundup of upcoming database events. Today, however, we’ll be covering events for the winter season (December 2015 to the end of February 2016) instead of our usual monthly schedule. Why are we changing it up? The holidays, for a start. Plus, organizers tend to schedule events during better traveling weather.

Jeffrey J. Keller 10th Nov 2015

As an SQL consultant, I often work with others to create new database models from scratch or modify existing schemas. Aside from the technical aspects, collaborations on database models can be tricky. Moving from environment to environment poses its own challenges: security restrictions sometimes prevent direct access to SQL instances, and technical resources from across the globe can be difficult to seamlessly integrate.

Adrian Więch 5th Nov 2015

The General Availability version of MySQL is still version 5.6, but the development release of MySQL 5.7 definitely introduces some exciting changes to the world of database management systems. Is it worth giving a try? In this article, we’ll have a closer look at a few brand-new features that may help you decide to do so.

Leandro Toniut 15th Oct 2015

As per every month, here’s the database modeling, design and administration events for November. This upcoming month will feature four big database conferences. Interestingly enough, three of them, in Germany, Brazil and San Francisco, will be focusing on PostgreSQL, so this is a good month of events for Postgres developers. The fourth one, All Your Base in London, will be a fairly encompassing one, focusing not only on the software challenges and solutions but also the human elements when it comes to working with databases.

Lukas Eder, Data Geekery GmbH 6th Oct 2015

The following fallacies are things that I hear all the time: “SQL is legacy. Why can’t we work with more modern tech?”, or “SQL is low level, like assembler. Would you prefer to work with assembler or with Java? Similarly, would you prefer to work with SQL or with Hibernate?” It’s time we move on and realize that with SQL, we can be incredibly productive and write awesome data logic in only a few lines of code.