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SQL Server Days 2014

From the September 30th to October 1st in Belgium SQL Server Days took place bringing together IT-Pros, developers, technical, non-technical people and everybody who wants to share their ideas, experience, enthusiasm and knowledge about Microsoft SQL Server. Event is organized for the 7th time and each time gathers great speakers.

SQL Server Days took two full days with interesting sessions. First day was scheduled for deep dive trainings given by international and national speakers, the second one was more like technical conference for database administrators, developers and business intelligence professionals (Stay tuned for slides to download !).

Benefits of attending such a conference are numerous: networking with other professionals in the industry, a fuel and inspiration for further working and of course warm and family atmosphere that encourage to come back every year.

Indeed, the conference becomes more popular each year and the community grow strong, what you can read on SQL Server Days: “The methods we use to share knowledge vary from evening presentations over round-table discussions to our well-known yearly conference, the Belgian SQL Server Days. The user group was founded in 2006 and today reaches a community of over 1800 members. More than 300 SQL Server enthusiasts attend the yearly SQL Server Days.”

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get to Belgium this year, but Vertabelo Team was observing the event with strong enthusiasm and couldn’t wait for further news. We followed the event on twitter and explored posts. Thanks to Speakers involvement, sharing their emotion, opinion about the conference we could feel the atmosphere and partly participate in the event reading their thoughts on blogs.

Especially, we really enjoyed Julie Koesmarno talking about Learn Tabular at SQL Server Days Belgium and her session on SQL Server Days titled “Implementing Tabular Solutions: The Essentials”, and liked Pieter Vanhove approach encouraging to participate in two-day conference as well as William Durkin about how he decided to join SQL Server Days in I’m Speaking at SQL Server Days 2014 in Belgium.

The organizator, Belgian SQLUG fully deserves for all praises. We hope it will be continued!


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