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Vertabelo Challenges: test your database modeling skills!

Today we begin a new series on our blog: Vertabelo Challenges. Once in a while we’ll publish a new database modeling challenge on our blog so you can test your database modeling skills in Vertabelo. Don’t worry – the challenges will be fairly easy. Follow our Database Design 101 series on the blog and on Vertabelo Youtube channel, and you should be able to conquer all of them in no time.

Of course, overcoming a challenge should earn you a reward, right? Complete four challenges and you will get a 50% off discount coupon! You can use the coupon on any of our services (monthly, yearly, professional, enterprise).

How to enter

  1. Create a database model in Vertabelo as described in the blog’s challenge.
  2. Email us at to share your model with us.
  3. We’ll review your model and give you feedback.
  4. You can complete all challenges in one Vertabelo model, if you wish. You can erase the model once your solution has been accepted by us.
  5. When you complete four challenges, we’ll email you the 50% discount coupon, valid for three months.

List of Vertabelo Challenges

  1. Database model for the game of Set
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