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Vertabelo Team 12th Apr 2016

We’re introducing better ways to collaborate, including easier database connections, an improved dashboard, and Vertabelo Talks, a new tool that lets you chat with coworkers (and your database) without leaving your browser window.

Adrian Więch 6th Apr 2016

Did you know that you can embed your Vertabelo model in your website? If you haven’t tried this yet, now’s your chance – we’ve recently improved the process. It’s an excellent way to share ideas with readers or make projects available to co-workers.

Adrian Więch 30th Mar 2016

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) is a library which converts data between a relational database and an object-oriented language. Vertabelo Mobile ORM is specifically designed for mobile app developers working in Android and iOS and using SQLite databases. It’s simple: Vertabelo uses graphical data models to automatically generate classes – Data Access Objects (DAOs) and others – to provide simplified access to data stored in an app’s SQLite database.

Vertabelo Team 1st Dec 2015

From today until Christmas Eve, we’re going to publish some tips & tricks for users modeling their databases Vertabelo. Check our blog every day for a new one!

Vertabelo Team 5th Aug 2015

We listened to your feedback and improved managing Vertabelo team accounts. No more confusing switching back and forth between personal and team accounts! The changes will be implemented in the next couple of days, so if you have a team account in Vertabelo, this article is the must-read for you.

Jack Polkowski 23rd Jun 2015

Even though Vertabelo doesn’t provide a direct conversion of a data model from one database engine to another, this can be easily done in a few simple steps. In this article we will show you how to migrate your Entity Relationship Diagram between two different database engines using the example of a data model originally created for MySQL and then converted to PostgreSQL.

Jack Polkowski 11th May 2015

Take a closer look at some new features introduced in Vertabelo database modeler in April 2015.

Michał Kołodziejski 6th Feb 2015

Vertabelo is finally available in Safari on MacThe day has finally come. Now, you can create your database models in the Safari browser. I think it’s a good time to say a few words about why we restrict access to Vertabelo from most browsers and why we let Safari in.

Michał Kołodziejski 20th Jan 2015

JOOQ and Vertabelo integrationSome time ago I announced that the integration of Vertabelo and jOOQ was coming soon. While we’re waiting for an official (stable) jOOQ release to support this integration, I’d like to present you with some of the details about how to use this new feature.

Vertabelo Team 19th Dec 2014

Recently we received a letter from a very special Vertabelo user – Santa Claus. He asked us to help him design a model of a database to store information about all children's requests for presents. Will you join us to accomplish this task?