Why use Vertabelo?

  • Visual Database Design Use our perfect UI to create your HSQLDB database
    scheme in the fastest way.
  • Share models Simply provide your team member's email to work
    together on your HSQLDB database.
  • Collaborate Teams spread across the world are an every-day
    eality. Using Vertabelo you can collaborate with
    your team everywhere at anytime.
  • No initial cost You can can start designing your HSQLDB database in
    less than a minute!
  • Competitive prices If a free account plan is not enough for you, we offer
    professional plans at very competitive prices.

Core Vertabelo features

Model sharing Share your HSQLDB database model by simply providing team member's email. Live validation Don't worry if you make any mistakes when designing your HSQLDB database. It's normal during the creative process. Vertabelo validates your model all the time and gives you hints how to correct it. XML export/import You can export HSQLDB database model to an XML file. A Vertabelo model in XML has a clear and easy to read structure, so you can use it to simplify your development processes, generating code for example.
Working at the same time Everyone who shares a model may open it at the same time. When the model is opened for editing for one person, it is read-only for others. Everyone can see changes in the model just after save. Visual search If you have a large database model with hundreds of tables and relationships just start to type in the search field and Vertabelo gives you list of matching elements and colorizes them on the diagram and navigation tree. Forward engineering At any time you can generate an SQL script from your HSQLDB database model. Vertabelo checks your model before SQL script generation.
Public link to the model You can also create the public link to your HSQLDB database model and share it with your customers or partners. Subject areas You can divide your larger database model into areas which help you to understand the model and gives you extra navigation possibility. Reverse Engineering You can import your existing HSQLDB database into Vertabelo. Vertabelo lays out the database diagram automatically.

Why users love Vertabelo

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