Main toolbar

Main Toolbar

In the main toolbar you can find all of the tools you may need to edit your database model.

Model menu

At the beginning of the main toolbar, you can find info about your database model’s name and the mode in which your model is opened.

Model Menu

Clicking it will show you the Model menu, which lets you:

  • Go to your model details page.
  • Set a tag for the current version in the version history.
  • Switch to another model.

Switch Model

File tools

File Tools

  • Create new model – creates a new model in your library.
  • Save changes (Ctrl+S) – saves changes in the model you are currently editing. Keep in mind that Vertabelo saves your database model automatically every few seconds and always when you close the diagram, so you don’t have to worry about losing your progress. When an autosave occurs, the save icon turns green.
  • Share this model with your team – you can invite your team’s members to share your model with them. There are 3 types of sharing – Owner, Editor and Viewer.
  • Export model as PNG image – generates a PNG image version of your model.
  • Print model – generates a PDF version of your model.

Generate tools

Generate Tools

Use these tools to generate SQL code, download your database model as an XML file, or generate model documentation. These tools are available for all models in Vertabelo.

Generate SQL script

To generate an SQL script, you first have to choose whether you want to generate a Create or Drop script and identify which elements should be included in it. Then click Generate.

Generate SQL Script

The file has now been generated and can be downloaded.

Download SQL Script

Export model as XML file

If you click the Export model as XML file button, an XML version of your model will be automatically downloaded to your device.

Generate Model Documentation

You can automatically generate documentation for your current model. First, choose a format for the documentation file: PDF, HTML or DOCX. Then click Generate.

Generate model documentation – Generate button

Once the documentation has been generated, a new button, Download, will appear:

Generate model documentation – Download button

Click on the Download button and your documentation will be downloaded to your computer in the format you've specified.

Diagram tools

Diagram Tools

  • Copy (Ctrl+C) – copies selected elements.
  • Paste (Ctrl+V) – pastes previously copied elements.
  • Paste as shortcut – pastes previously copied elements as a shortcut.
  • Cut (Ctrl+X) – cuts selected elements.
  • Delete (Del) – deletes selected elements.
  • Undo (Ctrl+Z) – undoes last action.
  • Redo (Ctrl+Y) – redoes last action.

Position tools

Manage Tools



The size of every table or view you select in your model may be adjusted to fit the text that it already contains using Adjust to text. If you select two or more elements, you can set them all to have the same width, using Same width, or the same height, using Same height.



Any group of tables or views in your model can be aligned in one of the ways shown above by clicking the appropriate button.



If you have a group of three or more tables or views in your model, you can arrange them more neatly using the Distribution option which will evenly distribute the space between the elements based on your chosen criterion or orientation.



You can change the visible order of overlapping subject areas in your model using the Order option.



  • Show all references – restores all previously defined references for shortcuts.
  • Add reference point – adds a right angle to the reference’s line.
  • Reduce reference point – reduces the number of right angles in a reference’s line by one.
  • Swap reference orientation – reattachesa reference’s line to another side of a table.

Zoom tools

Zoom Tools

  • Zoom out (press -) – zooms out of the diagram.
  • 1:1 – sets the diagram to the original size.
  • Zoom in (press =) – zooms into the diagram.
  • Enlargement – shows the enlargement of the diagram and allows you to change it.

Organize your workspace

Show/hide left/right panel

Organize Tools

Hide main menu

Hide Main Menu

Adjust left panel

Adjust Left Panel

Adjust right panel

Adjust Right Panel