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How to Embed Your Database Model Into a Website

Did you know that you can embed your database model in your website? If you haven’t tried this yet, now’s your chance – we’ve recently improved the process. It’s an excellent way to share ideas with readers or make projects available to co-workers.You might have already seen some interactive models embedded in our blog. They look like this:If you want to find out how to embed your own model on a website, follow these steps.

How to embed a database diagram on the Internet

So I’m sitting here thinking to myself: How should I share a new Vertabelo feature with you?Should I write an over-hyped article full of industry jargon and marketing-speak?Hmmm. Tried and failed.I’ve just gotta show you the feature straight up and how simple it is to use. More meat, little fat, no fluff :).Well tah dah! Here it is:Go ahead, click on it. Use the mouse wheel to zoom. Drag to pan. Click on the logo make the diagram bigger.