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A Data Model for Collectors

No matter what you collect, you need to be able to organize (and trade, and swap) it! We look at a data model for collectors.Collecting things is a very cool hobby. Some people do it even without knowing it: They start with one or two comics or vinyl records and somehow end up with shelves full.At some point, all collectors want to know more about the items in their collection. Maybe they want to know what items are related and in what way. Maybe they want to know the value of an item or of their whole collection. Or maybe they want to swap items and need to keep track of their activities.

A Sports School Data Model

Team sports are very popular, especially among kids and teens. In this article, we look at a data model that can help run a sports school.Exercise helps us stay fit and healthy, but exercising by yourself can be boring. Unless you can motivate yourself, you might not get the exercise you planned. To stay fit, people of all ages join a local team and practice together. It’s much more fun!

A Song of Ice and Databases: A Game of Thrones Data Model

No plot spoilers – just a data model based on the Game of Thrones TV series.“You know nothing, Jon Snow.”Starting from episode one, the storyline was intense, dynamic, and full of twists. George R.R. Martin did a great job of writingA Song of Ice and Fire, the multi-book series on whichGame of Thronesis based. Only five of the projected seven books in the series are currently completed, and the TV series’ storyline is now ahead of the published books.

An Online Auction Data Model

Bidding sites are a popular way to buy and sell many products. In this post, we look at these online auctions from a buyer’s perspective. What does our data model need to handle the bidding process?There are many online auction sites (eBay, eBid, Webstore, Bonanza, etc.) where one can buy jewelry, clothing, electronics, and a lot more. How these sites work is simple: an item is listed, people bid on it, and the highest bidder wins the item, often at quite a discount. Some online auction sites allow their registered users to sell their own products, but we won’t go into that today. We’ll look at an online auction data model from the bidder’s perspective. How can a data model be designed for the bidding process?

A Marketing Agency Data Model

What goes into marketing a business? And what data model could a marketing agency use to run their organization? Read this article to find out!Marketing, especially digital marketing, is everywhere. Digital is probably going to be the primary form of marketing in the future: businesses can collect an enormous amount of this data, easily transform it, and use it to reach potential customers. Plus, digital marketing is effective.

Part 4 – How to Use It

In the first two parts of this series we have installed SuiteCRM locally, imported its model into the Vertabelo database, and created relationships based on assumptions. In Part 3 we took a closer look at the most important parts of the CRM, how to use them, and how the data is stored in the database. This article will continue where Part 3 ended and will close the series. We’ll take a closer look to other modules of SuiteCRM including campaigns, opportunities, projects, documents and users, and roles administration.

Clinic Management System Data Model

Many medical clinics have shifted to an all-digital record system. What does a basic clinic management data model look like?Visiting a hospital or a clinic is never pleasant, but it would be even worse if our health records were in chaos. Not so long ago, all medical documents were in paper form. This not only polluted the environment, it slowed down the whole process. In some cases, patients were responsible for their own medical records. You’d see them hanging on to a sheaf of papers as they waited to be called in to the doctor.

Build Your Own City: An Open-Ended Building Game Data Model

City-building and management games have been very popular for decades. If you were to build your own city management game, what kind of data model would you need to run it? Let’s find out.With the advent ofSimCityin 1989, gamers could experience a new type of simulation game, one that allowed them to plan and control an entire city.SimCitywas designed by Will Wright and initially released for Macintosh computers; now you can play variants of this game on almost any device you own. Incidentally, there were other building management games before

A Language School Database Model

Knowing a foreign language is an important skill, especially in a global economy. In this article, we look at a data model that can help run a language school.Learning a language can be challenging, but enrolling in a language school should be easy. You can enroll at the school itself, or you can use an online form. In this article, we’ll examine a data model that allows for online registration as well as other functions common to language schools.

Inside A Shopping Center Data Model

Shopping centers are fun to visit and complicated to run. In this article, we look at a data model capable of helping us manage a shopping center.We shop at shopping centers (also called shopping malls or just malls), but we also go there to see a movie, eat at a restaurant, or hang out with our friends and drink coffee. Just about every city or large town has a shopping center. They provide many different services and we take them for granted. I’d say that my older readers don’t remember what life was like without the local shopping mall, and the younger ones can’t even imagine it. 😉

Summer Is Here: A Travel Agency Data Model

Most of us love to travel and explore new places, and using travel agencies is an easy way to plan our holidays. With vacation season in mind, we’ll answer the question “What kind of data model would run a travel agency?”In my personal opinion, the best way to travel would be without any time or budgetary limits. We could leave the beaten track and explore all the most interesting places in as much detail as we want. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have that luxury, so we use what is available: travel agencies. These companies make planning and combining accommodations, transportation, and even activities much easier. In this post, we’ll explore a data model that we could use to run such an agency.

Coping with the 4Ds of Life: A Self-Storage Data Model

How does the self-storage business work? Why might someone need such a service? And what kind of data model could run it?Self-storage facilities allow people to rent a space to store their extra belongings. Depending on where you live, you may or may not be familiar with the idea. Personally, I knew that self-storage facilities existed, but I never cared much about them. I simply had no need for such a service. This industry is very popular in the USA and Australia, but it has expanded to Europe and other continents as well.