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Data Model Types: An Explanation with Examples

Data modeling is an essential part of designing a database. If you want to achieve the best outcome, make sure to utilize the available data models. Read on to find out more. Every relational database has clearly defined objects and relationships among these objects. Together, they comprise the data model. This article presents the concept of data modeling. First, we’ll go over data modeling and the steps of its process.

How to Align Elements in Vertabelo

An ER diagram that’s not easy to read isn’t much help. Learn how to align ERD elements – and better organize your diagram – in Vertabelo’s online data modeler. Designing great ER models is not just about creating the right tables, defining the correct data types, and adding references. To make the model readable and easy to understand, you should arrange it neatly. This is where the alignment and distribution of the different ER diagram elements (tables, reference lines, notes, subject areas, etc.