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All About Indexes Part 2: MySQL Index Structure and Performance

Database indexes speed up data retrieval operations. But there is a price we pay for these benefits.In this article, we’ll focus on the structure behind the MySQL index. We’ll also measure database performance by using large datasets to test two versions of the same database – one with indexes and the other without them.This is the second article in our series about database indexes. If you missed the first one,

All About Indexes: The Very Basics

There are many things that impact database performance. The most obvious is the amount of data: the more you have, the slower your database will be. While there are many ways to fix performance problems (like removing old data or using denormalization), the primary solution is to properly index your database. In this series, we’ll explain several very important indexing concepts, starting with the basics and ending with best practices.Why Do We Need a Database Index?