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A Database Model for a Renting Service

Renting goods and services is very popular today. Services like Airbnb rubbed the renting lamp and let the genie out, especially for travelers. They’ve opened up new horizons, and in the future we can expect that all kinds of rental services will become even more common.In this article, we’ll describe a database model that could be used to run an application for renting apartments, rooms, and anything else you can think of.

An Antique Store Data Model

You might run an antique store because you love history, but you’ll need modern technology to keep everything organized! In this article, we discuss what an antique store’s database model would need.Antiques are cool. I bet we all love history and antiques in some way. Some admire Victorian furniture, others are thrilled about old coins, vintage weapons, or medieval armor. Still others enjoy reading or just looking at old books or manuscripts. There are still many unsolved antique-related mysteries around the world, such as the Antikythera mechanism or the Voynich Manuscript.

A Data Model for a Medical Appointment Booking App

Booking a doctor’s appointment using an online app is an innovation that simplifies the entire process. Let’s dive into the data model behind an appointment booking app.Why use an app? It makes it easier for people to find the doctors of their choice, letting them see the doctor’s professional records and patient reviews. When someone finds a doctor they like, they can book an appointment with them without leaving the app. An app can also help doctors keep their patients’ waiting times as short as possible, help them schedule their patients, and enable them to keep an eye on patients’ online reviews.

An Event Management Data Model

Organizing an event is a lot of work! In this article, we examine the data model behind an event organization app.If you’ve ever tried to organize an event for more than ten people (and don’t count parties or business meetings here) you know how complicated event management can be! Have we invited everyone? Have they confirmed if they are coming? Is the venue booked and prepared? Who will host the event? Who will participate in the various parts? There are many other questions to answer, and things could easily go wrong.

A Real Estate Agency Data Model

Other than location, what’s it take to run a successful real estate business? We examine a data model to help real estate agencies stay organized.Buying, selling, and renting apartments or houses is really big business today. Most people are happy to pay a fee and let a professional real estate agency do the work for them. On the other hand, the company could act in its own behalf, buying properties to resell or rent. A real estate company may also lease a property then rent or sublease it and make a profit on the difference.

Everything You Need to Know About MySQL Partitions

What is MySQL partitioning? What kind of partition types are there? How do you know if this is something your database engine supports? In this article, we tell you what you need to know about partitioning in MySQL.MySQL partitioning is about altering – ideally, optimizing – the way the database engine physically stores data. It allows you to distribute portions of table data (a.k.a. partitions) across the file system based on a set of user-defined rules (a.k.a. the “partitioning function”). In this way, if the queries you perform access only a fraction of table data and the partitioning function is properly set, there will be less to scan and queries will be faster.

A Data Model to Keep Track of Your Most Precious Possession

Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, not a fad. People who realize the value of health make it a priority, keeping records of all their fitness-related facts. In this article, we’ll examine the design of the database behind a health and fitness application.There are many applications which let users log their health and fitness information. A couple of big players like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have launched their own development APIs specifically for this market. For example, Google has ‘

A Process Management Data Model

What kind of data model can handle all the planning and activities used in process management? In this article, we discuss one design for a process management database.Process management is a fairly straightforward and common concept. At its core, process management is simply deciding what needs to be accomplished – building a car or creating an app, for example – and then figuring out how to do it. Of course, the actual process itself is more complicated! It may require special tools, charts, or software, and it will certainly require a lot of planning and organization.

Improving Our Online Job Portal Data Model

In this era of tough competition, job portals are not just platforms for publishing and finding jobs. They are leveraging advanced services and features to keep their customers engaged. Let’s dive into some advanced features and build a data model that can handle them.I explained the basic features needed for a job portal website in a previous article . The model is shown below. We’ll consider this model as a base, which we will change to meet the new requirements. First, let’s consider what these requirements (or enhancements) should be.

A Transport Hub Database Model

Bus and train travel hubs are full of activity: the crowd, the rush, the lines, the race to the platform or terminal. Clearly, such places require a lot of organization! In this article, we’ll describe a database model that could keep a transport hub organized.And that’s not easy. There are many parameters to account for: lines, stations, passengers, tickets, compositions (i.e. buses or trains), and the number of available seats on any given trip. Plus, before selling tickets or doing any similar action, we need to be sure that the result is the desired one.

A Database Model for Gallery or Museum Management

What kind of database model does it take to run a gallery or museum? How can it be optimized to manage events, partnerships, and other activities?When I think of a gallery or museum, I usually think of a peaceful place where you can hang out for hours, looking at interesting or beautiful things. Personally, I enjoy visiting the Technical Museum in Zagreb, which has cool exhibits like old cars, fire trucks, submarines, trams, and trains.

A Project Management Data Model

Project management is a booming field. In this article, we’ll examine a data model to support a project management app.Project management is anything but an easy task. You are limited in many ways – materials, costs, human resources, and project deadlines spring to mind – but it’s still up to you to deliver a result on time.If you think of building a pyramid, you can easily conclude it was a case of project management! It had a project sponsor (usually Pharaoh), a deadline (Pharaohs’ deadline ☺), human resources (mostly workers and slaves), material resources (stone blocks) and of course a project manager. A lot has changed since then, but the idea is still the same. We need to be as organized as possible if we expect to deliver a project result on time, up to its expected quality, and within its budget.

Supporting R in SQL Server 2016

SQL Server R Services combine the power and flexibility of the open-source R language with enterprise-level tools for data storage and management, workflow development, and reporting and visualization. This article introduces SQL R Services and the R language.What Is R and How Is It Used?R is the most widely used language for statistics, data mining, and machine learning. (R is also the name of the environment and the engine that executes code written in the R language.) You need to learn how to develop R programs like you need to learn any other programming language.

A Database Model for Action Games

In previous articles, we’ve discussed data model that could run card games , board games and even MMO games . We’ve also developed a simple tic-tac-toe game using Spring Boot and AngularJS. In this article we’ll move to the next level and develop a model that can store results of an “action” game.Let’s get started!Before We Start ModelingBefore we get into designing the database, we need to know some background on the type of games we’re dealing with and what they will require.

A Database Model for a Freelance Job Platform

Many freelancers find projects on online job platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. What kind of database model powers these sites? Let’s take a look …If you’re not a freelancer, you probably know somebody who is. Working anytime and from almost anywhere is very attractive, and thanks to online freelancing sites, it’s a real possibility. And we’re not talking about just IT-related jobs like programming and project management. Freelance jobs include teaching, writing, composing music, illustrating, and design.

A Database Model to Manage Appointments and Organize Schedules

Today’s most popular services may well be the ones where people sell their time. Many of these services are largely based on human contact: psychologists, tutors, dentists, hairdressers, etc. In these professions, the saying that“Time is money” is literally true. Therefore, these professionals need to be organized.True, you don’t absolutely need an application to be organized. But the right app can make your life much easier, improve client satisfaction, and make your business better in general. If your client pays you for your time, they shouldn’t experience any stress resulting from your bad organization – for example, fighting over a single (yet double-booked) time slot.