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Playing Around With Python in PostgreSQL

I’m kind of guy who likes to make jokes or take some ideas ad absurdum. It may looks useless, but examination of extremes helps me appreciate the middle way.Some time ago I was heavily infected by an idea: “let’s ditch the server side” (see my article: Do we still need server side programming? ). The “PostgreSQL as an Application Server” idea was born then. My Vertabelo colleagues insisted that I should write an article about it. I didn’t like it at first: it would require some real work :) This week I said why not? I’ll learn something new about PostgreSQL at least. So here we go.

Vertabelo Challenge #1: database model for the game of Set

Today we publish the first  Vertabelo Challenge . Vertabelo Challenge is a fun and educational way to earn a discount for Vertabelo. Complete four challenges and we’ll email you a coupon for 50% off your Vertabelo subscription.The game of SetSet is a card game that you play with a special deck of cards. Each card has four features:shape (oval, diamond, squiggle),color (pink, purple, green),number of figures (1 to 3),shading (solid, opaque, hollow).The deck consists of 81 cards.