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Build Your Own City: An Open-Ended Building Game Data Model

City-building and management games have been very popular for decades. If you were to build your own city management game, what kind of data model would you need to run it? Let’s find out.With the advent ofSimCityin 1989, gamers could experience a new type of simulation game, one that allowed them to plan and control an entire city.SimCitywas designed by Will Wright and initially released for Macintosh computers; now you can play variants of this game on almost any device you own. Incidentally, there were other building management games before

What Do Poker, Blackjack, Belot and Préférence Have to Do with Databases?

How to design a database flexible enough to accommodate several very different card games.Recently, we showed how a database could be used to store board game results . Board games are fun, but they’re not the only online version of classic games going. Card games are also very popular. They introduce an element of luck into gameplay, and there is much more than luck involved in a good card game!In this article, we’ll focus on building a data model to store game matches, results, players and scores. The main challenge here is storing data related to many different card games. We could also consider analyzing this data to determine winning strategies, improve our own playing skills, or build a better AI opponent.

A Database Model for Simple Board Games

People like to play. So we invented games and placed them on boards. And then computers came. Now we can play against the computer or against human opponents all over the world – or right next to us.When we play against human opponents we want to have a ranking that will show others how good we are. Maybe it will scare opponents. Or we could just rub someone’s nose in our greatness. Or use our stats to feed our ego. And it would be nice if we could review previous games and learn from our mistakes.

Can SQL Help Solve Crossword Puzzles?

Everyone has solvedcrossword puzzlesand has certainly had some problems finding an appropriate word. Thanks to SQL, it is ridiculously simple to quickly dispel your crossword doubts and give you the correct answers. Of course, Google is commonly known as a universal cure for many doubts, but handling the problem yourself is much more rewarding.Recently I came across some simple and interesting examples from Andrew Cumming’s book “SQL Hacks.” These examples won’t make a huge impression on those who are programming experts, but less-experienced code wranglers could find them interesting. In this article I will try to present a funny approach to solving casual problems using the power of SQL according to Andrew Cumming’s book.

Can Python Help You Win Scrabble?

It is hard to find someone who doesn’t know how to playScrabble. In case someone isn’t familiar with the game, here’s a quick explanation:Scrabble is played by two to four players on a square board with a 15×15 grid of cells, each of which accommodates a single letter tile. The board is marked with “premium” squares, which multiply the number of points awarded; each letter tile has its own assigned numeric score. At the start of a Scrabble game, every player chooses 7 letter tiles.