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How to Generate Flask-SQLAlchemy Models Using Vertabelo

Flask is a web microframework for Python. It uses Flask-SQLAlchemy for object relational mapping. It is a Flask wrapper for SQLAlchemy – a powerful relational database framework that offers a high level ORM and low level access to a database’s native SQL functionality.For each database table, SQLAlchemy uses a regular Python class with attributes that match the columns of a corresponding database table. The database instance from Flask-SQLAlchemy provides a base class for models called

Visual Design of SQLAlchemy Models in 6 Steps

In this article I’m going to show you how to design SQLAlchemy models using Vertabelo , an online tool for visual database design, and our code generator.SQLAlchemy is propably the most advanced and well engineered OR/M for Python, while Vertabelo is a database design tool that works in a web browser. The Vertabelo code generator is an pythonic script called vertabelo-sqlalchemy . As you can see, the script is open source and hosted on