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How to Model Snowflake Materialized Views in Vertabelo

Cloud technologies are becoming more and more popular. Recently, Vertabelo added support for the Snowflake database. An additional feature, much awaited by our users, was support for materialized views in Snowflake. We are happy to announce that you can now model materialized views in a Snowflake database using Vertabelo. What Is a Materialized View? Materialized views are different from simple views. While simple views allow us to save complicated queries for future use, materialized views store a copy of the query results.

The Concept of Materialized Views (MVs)

The concept of materialized views (MVs) is almost 15 years old; Oracle first introduced these views in the 8i version of its DBMS. However, some well known DB vendors (like MySQL) still don’t support MVs or have added this functionality only quite recently (it’s available in PostgreSQL since version 9.3, which was released just a year ago). In this article I’ll try to give you some tips about when you should use MVs in OLTP systems.