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A Simple Online Store Model: Sell, Ship, and Get Paid

A lot has changed over the last 30 years, especially in IT-related domains, but few things have changed as much as how we shop. We still mostly buy milk and groceries at physical stores, but widespread online stores have led most of us to try some form of e-shopping. E-commerce stores have popularized many existing products and services, and they’ve introduced many more. Buying non-physical goods like subscriptions, software, music and movies in digital format is now very common. And yet, none of this could be possible without the development of various online payment methods. Today, we’ll take a look at a simple web store model, focusing especially on shipments, and we’ll discuss how to handle payments from a database design perspective.

Creating Tables for Products and Services

Buying books was a way anyone could acquire a work of art for very little.Solomon “Sol” LeWitt,American artist,1928–2007Selling products and services can be two very different propositions. This originates in their differing definitions and real-world representations. Previously in this series, we discussed the table basics in the context of database design and sales. In this post, we’ll analyze the differences between products and services, how they impact the database model, and how we can accommodate both on one database.

Database Design 101

A good data modeling exercise for beginners is to create a data model of an online store. Every time I give this exercise to my students, I’m surprised at how difficult it is for them.Find the Concepts…Let’s see how it can be done. We know we have to create a table for every concept in the domain. Think about thenouns and noun phrases you would use to describe the domain. Roughly, every noun iseither a concept, an attribute of a concept, or an example