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A Handy Guide to Solving PostgreSQL Problems

Written in the frequently-asked-questions style, this book provides the best troubleshooting techniques for PostgreSQL database administrators. It covers all major aspects of managing a PostgreSQL database; from database installation through optimizing performance, to dealing with transaction locks or fixing replication, to handling hardware and software disasters. So if you’re getting an error message when working with PostgreSQL, let this book help you solve your problem. “Troubleshooting PostgreSQL” is the latest book by

A Book Review

Book and Author Importance of Data Model Quality Takeoff Checklist Merciless Review Merciless Humiliation? Is it Agile? Conclusion Book and Author Today I’m going to review“A Check List for Doing Data Model Design Reviews”by Kent Graziano. This publication is available as an e-book on Amazon.com .The book is very short – it will take you less than an hour to read it. But don’t let the small volume mislead you. Graziano’s writing is very concise and full of information. There are no digressions, examples, anecdotes or metaphors. Just raw, austere instruction on what to check when designing a data model and why it is worthwhile to have the whole team review it before moving to the next steps of implementation. Even the title of the book is like the book itself – clear, not very attractive, but concise.

“Concise Guide to Databases” – briefly about everything

There are books that you plan to read. Then, there are books that you actually started reading and then stopped. Then, there are books you started reading and you hope to finish sometime. The last database book I did read was “Concise Guide to Databases” by Peter Lake and Paul Crowther.As title suggests this isnota book that dwellsdeeplyinto one specific aspect of DB theory or technology, quite the opposite. So if you want to master one topic that you work on this is not the book for you. If you have to write a specific piece of code using this-and-that then this is not the book you need right now. However, you may be interested in this book if you are a database newcomer or if you want to get a bigger picture of databases in general. Also, if you want to look at new solutions in DB business that could suit your company then you may be interested in this book. Personally, I read this book out of curiousity.

5 Must-Read Database Modeling Books?

I recently realized that ourdatabase modeling librarycould use a fewmore advancedtitles. So I headed over to Amazon to see what they had on offer.There are plenty of introductory books for beginners that tell you how to normalize data , and introduce you to indexes , but what about something for the professional, grown-up database modeler? Here are 5 of the best database modeling books I found (listed in no particular order) that go beyond the basics and come highly recommended by Amazon reviewers. Go ahead and add them to your wishlists!

SQL Performance Explained – the must-read book

Some time ago, the Vertabelo Team participated in the PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2013 . Some of the talks were really nice. One of them stuck in my head for quite a long time. It was Markus Winand’s lecture titled“Indexes: The neglected performance all-rounder.”Although I had had a solid background in databases, this 50 minutes long talk showed me that not everything concerning indexes was as clear to me as I had thought. This was the kind of lecture I like the most – when you sit and say to yourself “damn, I didn’t know that!”