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The History of Slonik, the PostgreSQL Elephant Logo

Logos are powerful. What better way to remind people of a product than an eye-catching, memorable symbol? With that in mind, today we’ll answer the question ‘Why did PostgreSQL choose an elephant for its logo?’Every product or company has its logo – something that identifies and encapsulates the essence of their brand. In time, it practicallybecomesthe brand: can you imagine McDonald’s without its golden arches? What if the Coca-Cola logo was suddenly done in purple block print?

Slony-I Replication – Your Initial Setup

Slony-I is a popular PostgreSQL replication system. Basically, it allows you to automatically copy data from one database to other databases. It can also do a couple of other things, but in this article we will concentrate on replication and provide you with a step by step guide on how to configure your first Slony-I cluster in Windows. It will involve a master node and two slave nodes. The master node will be the database that will be replicated and the slaves will get updated as the master gets modified.