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Pitfall in Oracle Database: An Empty Text Stored as Null

I like Oracle database. It is efficient, easy to use for beginners and professionals – its tools for query analysis and optimization are masterpieces. But it has a very annoying “feature” – empty text (containing 0 characters) is stored in the database as null.Where did such a feature come from?Probably from the ancient ages, just after the dawn of time, i.e., the late 70’s [1] . In that age, memory (RAM and disks) was very limited and system designers did their best to use as little memory as possible. In old versions of Oracle DB,

Why Doesn’t SQL*Plus Execute My Script?

The question: Why doesn’t my script create tables?The other day I was testing Oracle SQL scripts generated by Vertabelo. Roughly, this is the code that was generated:I used sqlplus to execute my script and see if it’s correct.The script run without errors but the tables where NOT created.I copied and pasted part of the script into a new file:I executed it in sqlplus and this time the table was created.OK, I scratched my head. What is the difference between the two? The only real difference is the blank line at the end of the command. Could it REALLY be the reason?