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Tip #14 – How to create a model preview link and embed the model in a website

When it comes to sharing things like documents or photos with other people, sending files to each other is becoming less and less common – we usually prefer to send links. They are quick, convenient and neither use up disk space nor make a mess in our file system. At  Vertabelo , we know how inconvenient it can be to send files and that’s why we created public links for models.

Remote Collaboration on Database Design Just Got Easier

As an SQL consultant, I often work with others to create new database models from scratch or modify existing schemas. Aside from the technical aspects, collaborations on database models can be tricky. Moving from environment to environment poses its own challenges: security restrictions sometimes prevent direct access to SQL instances, and technical resources from across the globe can be difficult to seamlessly integrate.Deterrents these may be, but they are not insurmountable. By abstracting the modelling effort into an online system-independent tool, the focus can shift from fixing problems to developing a better database.

How to embed a database diagram on the Internet

So I’m sitting here thinking to myself: How should I share a new Vertabelo feature with you?Should I write an over-hyped article full of industry jargon and marketing-speak?Hmmm. Tried and failed.I’ve just gotta show you the feature straight up and how simple it is to use. More meat, little fat, no fluff :).Well tah dah! Here it is:Go ahead, click on it. Use the mouse wheel to zoom. Drag to pan. Click on the logo make the diagram bigger.