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Vertabelo Challenges: test your database modeling skills!

Today we begin a new series on our blog:Vertabelo Challenges. Once in a while we’ll publish a new database modeling challenge on our blog so you can test your database modeling skills in Vertabelo. Don’t worry – the challenges will be fairly easy. Follow our Database Design 101 series on the blog and on Vertabelo Youtube channel , and you should be able to conquer all of them in no time.

Vertabelo Challenge #1: database model for the game of Set

Today we publish the first  Vertabelo Challenge . Vertabelo Challenge is a fun and educational way to earn a discount for Vertabelo. Complete four challenges and we’ll email you a coupon for 50% off your Vertabelo subscription.The game of SetSet is a card game that you play with a special deck of cards. Each card has four features:shape (oval, diamond, squiggle),color (pink, purple, green),number of figures (1 to 3),shading (solid, opaque, hollow).The deck consists of 81 cards.