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How to Develop a PHP+MySQL Application With Propel and Vertabelo

Propel is a popular ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) library for PHP. Recently, the Vertabelo team started to develop VertabeloPropel , a tool which converts your Vertabelo models into Propel’s schema xml.If you want to try using Propel with Vertabelo to develop a simple PHP MySQL application, here is how to do it. The following example uses Composer , a PHP tool for handling project dependencies.Set up Your ProjectCreate the file composer.json which describes your project dependencies. You will use at least Propel (package propel/propel) and VertabeloPropel (vertabelo/vertabelo-propel) as your project dependencies.

How to Generate Propel’s Schema.xml File From a Database Model Created in Vertabelo

If you use Propel, you can now generate a Propel schema file from a database model created in Vertabelo. Propel is a popular ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) library for PHP. In Propel, the datamodel structure is described by a special schema XML file. From this schema Propel generates PHP object model classes which Propel uses to represent rows in your tables. VertabeloPropel is a PHP script which converts a Vertabelo XML file into Propel’s schema.xml file.