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Meet our team of awesome professionals

Kamil Bladoszewski

Assistant Developer

As an assistant developer, I transform information and exercises into courses and develop scripts that make my work faster and easier. I also answer your (sometimes tricky) questions on Vertabelo Academy in our discussion section.

II'm interested in almost all kinds and genres of computer games. I spend some free time watching YouTube videos (especially PewDiePie, nigahiga and KickThePJ) and analyzing how they were created.

When I want to take a break from the computer, I take photos of nature and architecture or read a good book. From time to time I shoot films with friends. In order to keep my brain in top-notch condition, I play chess competitively.


Jarosław Błąd


Every day I apply my over fifteen years of experience in relational databases, internet application development and software teams management to make Vertabelo the best application of its kind.

I’m a big fan of the creativity of Stanisław Lem and Philip K. Dick.


Agnieszka Kozubek-Krycuń, PhD

Chief Scientist

As the editor-in-chief of Vertabelo blog, I collect ideas for new articles, look for new authors, and work with them on new articles.

I also prepare SQL courses for Vertabelo Academy, answer the questions asked by its users and explain the theory behind relational databases.

In my free time I teach programming courses at the University of Warsaw. After hours, I read way too many books and attend way too few yoga classes. To wind down, I go mountain hiking in Slovakia.


Łukasz Kubicki

Head of New Business

As a Head of New Business and an Executive Board Member I’m responsible for all the company’s activities concerning searching for and developing business opportunities including new partnerships.

I try to spend most of my spare time with my family. If there is some time left I usually spend it in my garage restoring an old (1962) Volkswagen T3 1500 Variant. In the summertime, I love to sail and during the winter I sneak out for snowboarding.


Adam Mościcki

Software Engineer

I’ve been a member of the Vertabelo team since April 2015. As a software engineer I support the technical staff in developing our application and its new features. I’m also a co-author of Vertabelo Academy.

I am interested in modern technologies especially the ones connected with computer science. I am an avid Counter Strike Global Offensive player. In order to keep a balance between work and life I spend my spare time on cycling and running. I also love watching football and ski jumping.


Olaf Pietrewicz

Front End Developer

As a front end developer, I’m responsible for creating and implementing all of the visual elements that Vertabelo users see and interact with. To do this, I utilize my long experience in image editing, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

I’m a lover of science fiction, Giger’s Alien, Star Wars, The Prodigy, Daft Punk, vintage Hi-Fi, Lego bricks and definitely Star Wars Lego bricks :)


Rafał Strzaliński

Senior Software Engineer

I’m proud to be one of Vertabelo’s originators. Having over 15 years of experience in software development, I’ve been doing my best to make Vertabelo useful for a wide variety of people.

I love traveling with my family, riding a dirt bike, and talking with my friends for hours. I also like beef, making jokes, and not taking life quite so seriously...


Dorota Wdzięczna

Data Science Writer

As the Data Science Writer I write technical and documentary articles on Vertabelo's blog as well as on Vertabelo Academy and research interesting database topics and issues for articles.

My hobbies are bioinfomatics, programming and databases. Besides that, I'm interested in nature and photography, especially macro photography. As an amateur nature photographer, I like to spend my free time on trips, camera in hand, exploring nature.


Mariusz Zakrzewski

Junior Software Engineer

I am fascinated by computer science and everything around it. Being a software engineer at Vertabelo allows me to combine work with passion.

In my spare time, I like to jog in order to maintain healthy life style. I also like climbing, reading books (mostly science fiction and journalism) and playing board games.