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  • Model sharing Share database models by simply providing team member's email and
    clicking a button. You can share model at three different access levels:
    Owner, Editor and Viewer. Access levels can be changed at any time.
  • Working on a model at the same time Everyone who shares a model may open it at the same time. When
    the model is opened for editing for one person, it is read-only for
    others. Everyone can see changes in the model just after an autosave.
  • Public link to the model If you need to share model with your customers or partners they may
    not be interested in having an account in Vertabelo. In this situation,
    you can create the public link to your model and send it via e-mail.

Friendly UI

  • Fast switch between models You can quickly switch between models without leaving design
    area. Models are automatically saved and loaded. In conjunction with
    the copy-paste function, you can reuse previous diagram fragments.
  • Visual search Start to type in the search field and Vertabelo gives you a list of
    matching elements and colorizes them on the diagram and navigation
    tree. You can select an element in the list and it will be highlighted.
  • Perfect zoom You can choose from five predefined well-tuned zoom settings or
    just use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out precisely. Mouse wheel
    zoom is correlated to mouse position to boost your control.

Model navigation

  • Fast navigation To speed up navigation over a large model, you can use the fast
    navigation component. It's a map of the model which allows you to
    move quickly from one part of model to another.
  • Find in diagram Find an element in the navigation tree and click find in diagram.
    The element you searched for is highlighted and the diagram view will
    be refocused to center on that element.
  • Subject areas Subject areas are named and represented by a smart rectangles.
    They indentify the tables, views,
    references and notes contained within.

Smooth workflow

  • Instant save The database model you are working on is saved automatically several
    times a minute. If someone has the model open in read-only mode
    they can see the changes you made in the last minute.
  • Live validation Vertabelo validates your model all the time and gives you hints on how
    to improve it. Every error, warning or tip is flagged by a dedicated icon
    that you can see on the tree representing the model structure.
  • SQL preview At any moment you can see a preview of the SQL that will be generated
    for a selected element. Just click on the SQL preview button on
    the properties panel.

Editing model

  • Copy - Paste Vertabelo has a Copy - Paste feature accessible from the menu as well
    as from keyboard shortcuts (CTRL + C, CTRL + V). The Fast switch
    function allows you to copy elements from others models.
  • Keyboard shortcuts Most operations in the diagram editor can be performed
    directly from the keyboard. To see all the keyboard shortcuts
    just press CTRL + I.
  • Well-organised properties panels Some elements of a database model have a complex structure.
    Vertabelo provides a clean, well-organised properties panel to
    simplify editing of database model elements.

Managing models

  • Versioning models Vertabelo keeps track of the versions of your database model in
    a linear way. At any moment you can preview an old version and restore
    it. You can also give tag names to particular versions.
  • Cloning models With one click you can create a new model from the current model or
    its older version. This option is also helpful if you want to reflect
    branches in a project.
  • XML export/import You can export a database model or its particular version to an XML
    file. A Vertabelo model in XML has a clear and easy to read structure.
    You can also change a model in an XML file and import it into Vertabelo.

SQL generation

At any time you can generate an SQL script that:

  • creates all elements in your database.
  • removes all elements from your database.
  • creates or removes only selected elements – constraints for example.

Vertabelo checks your model before SQL script generation and notifies you of any errors or warnings. You have the flexibility to ignore the warnings and generate the SQL anyway or go back and correct the model.


Reverse Engineering

  • Import an existing database You can import an existing database into Vertabelo using a simple
    command-line tool that you can download from our website.
  • Safety The tool is provided as a command-line Java application which
    you run on your computer. You don't give us your database
    credentials nor do we make a connection to your database.
  • Automatic diagram layout The Reverse Engineering tool lays out the database diagram
    automatically, so you'll have to manually adjust your diagram in
    Vertabelo. We're working on a more sophisticated algorithm for
    a future release.

Supported databases

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