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Learn how to design and use database models
Emil Drkušić 18th Jan 2017

What kind of data model can handle all the planning and activities used in process management? In this article, we discuss one design for a process management database.

Shantanu Kher 11th Jan 2017

In this era of tough competition, job portals are not just platforms for publishing and finding jobs. They are leveraging advanced services and features to keep their customers engaged. Let’s dive into some advanced features and build a data model that can handle them.

Emil Drkušić 4th Jan 2017

Bus and train travel hubs are full of activity: the crowd, the rush, the lines, the race to the platform r a terminal. Clearly, such places require a lot of organization! In this article, we’ll describe a database model that could keep a transport hub organized.

Emil Drkušić 28th Dec 2016

What kind of database model does it take to run a gallery or museum? How can it be optimized to manage events, partnerships, and other activities?

Francisco Claria 21st Dec 2016

In this article, I’ll walk you through some fundamental considerations for working with date- and time-related data in MySQL. We’ll also look at how to handle multiple time zones and daylight saving time changes.

Emil Drkušić 14th Dec 2016

Project management is a booming field. In this article, we’ll examine a data model to support a project management app.

Dejan Sarka 7th Dec 2016

SQL Server R Services combine the power and flexibility of the open-source R language with enterprise-level tools for data storage and management, workflow development, and reporting and visualization. This article introduces SQL R Services and the R language.

Emil Drkušić 30th Nov 2016

In previous articles, we’ve discussed data model that could run card games, board games and even MMO games. Many of these were based off the board games data model; the simple tic-tac-toe game was developed using Spring Boot and AngularJS. In this article we’ll move to a next level and develop a model that should be able to store results of an “action” game.

Emil Drkušić 23rd Nov 2016

Freelancer lookin for workMany freelancers find projects on online job platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. What kind of database model powers these sites? Let’s take a look ...

Shantanu Kher 15th Nov 2016

Across the globe, the job portal site is a well-known feature of the Internet landscape. Big players like Indeed and Monster have turned job hunting and recruiting into a veritable online industry. Let’s dive into the elementary features leveraged by job portals and build a data model that can support them.