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Learn how to design and use database models
Emil Drkušić 22nd Feb 2017

Organizing an event is a lot of work! In this article, we examine the data model behind an event organization app.

Emil Drkušić 15th Feb 2017

Other than location, what’s it take to run a successful real estate business? We examine a data model to help real estate agencies stay organized.

Francisco Claria 10th Feb 2017

What is MySQL partitioning? What kind of partition types are there? How do you know if this is something your database engine supports? In this article, we tell you what you need to know about partitioning in MySQL.

Shantanu Kher 1st Feb 2017

Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, not a fad. People who realize the value of health make it a priority, keeping records of all their fitness-related facts. In this article, we’ll examine the design of the database behind a health and fitness application.

Jeffrey J. Keller 25th Jan 2017

The first two articles in this series highlighted SQL Server’s ability to organize data into user-defined windows and its aggregate functions. Part 3 will focus on other methods of aggregating and organizing data using built-in SQL Server features – specifically, its grouping functions.

Emil Drkušić 18th Jan 2017

What kind of data model can handle all the planning and activities used in process management? In this article, we discuss one design for a process management database.

Shantanu Kher 11th Jan 2017

In this era of tough competition, job portals are not just platforms for publishing and finding jobs. They are leveraging advanced services and features to keep their customers engaged. Let’s dive into some advanced features and build a data model that can handle them.

Emil Drkušić 4th Jan 2017

Bus and train travel hubs are full of activity: the crowd, the rush, the lines, the race to the platform r a terminal. Clearly, such places require a lot of organization! In this article, we’ll describe a database model that could keep a transport hub organized.

Emil Drkušić 28th Dec 2016

What kind of database model does it take to run a gallery or museum? How can it be optimized to manage events, partnerships, and other activities?

Francisco Claria 21st Dec 2016

In this article, I’ll walk you through some fundamental considerations for working with date- and time-related data in MySQL. We’ll also look at how to handle multiple time zones and daylight saving time changes.