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Learn how to design and use database models
Shantanu Kher 17th May 2017

Looking for a way to keep tabs on tennis? Shantanu Kher demonstrates a data model that manages information about players, tournaments, and results.

Emil Drkušić 10th May 2017

What is needed to produce electricity? We look at a data model that can organize the power production process.

Marian Dziubiak 2nd May 2017

Worried about information security? Marian Dziubiak explains how can you keep your database safe.

Emil Drkušić 27th Apr 2017

Crowdfunding has become a popular way to raise money for businesses, charities, and all kinds of projects. In this article, we’ll look at a database for a crowdfunding platform.

Emil Drkušić 19th Apr 2017

No matter which side of the equation you’re on, sometimes it’s tough to find a qualified person for a specific job. In this post, we look at a data model to help recruiters and HR departments stay organized during the hiring process.

Shantanu Kher 12th Apr 2017

Ever use Craigslist or some other online classified ad website to sell or buy something? Did you wonder how it worked? In this article, we talk about how an online classifieds data model can be designed using a relational database.

Emil Drkušić 5th Apr 2017

Have you ever wondered how electricity gets from the power station to your home or office? In this article, we’ll look at a database model that could work for an electricity distribution system.

Marian Dziubiak 29th Mar 2017

If you were a fan of Linux and SQL Server, you basically had to have two operating systems at all times. But now, Microsoft has made a Linux version of their relational database management system. How does it work, and how well does it perform?

Emil Drkušić 22nd Mar 2017

Renting things and services today became very popular. Renting today is mostly related with travels and popular services like AirBnb rubbed the renting lamp and let the genie out. They opened new horizons and in the future we can expect that such services will became even more popular.

Emil Drkušić 8th Mar 2017

You might run an antique store because you love history, but you’ll need modern technology to keep everything organized! In this article, we discuss what an antique store’s database model would need.